This is a journey of Alchemy ✨💫
Welcome to the Playground!!

The journey to good health is one of Alchemy – the process of turning “Lead” (thoughts and ideas) into “Gold” (results and outcomes).

We are all alchemists and life is our playground.


Everyday, our thoughts, beliefs and actions transmute into our reality.
Why not create a reality you love?!


Here, I dedicate space through image and word, for documenting my experiments and journeys on a path to healing and vitality.


Most of my Alchemising I show here is done in the kitchen as that’s where I love to create, but healing takes on many forms and modalities and I am too curious not to explore and experiment!!

My philosophy for food is: SIMPLE, HEALING, DELICIOUS. 


Creating beautiful food should be a pleasure, not take up too much time and should ultimately serve a purpose of achieving higher health.


Every time we eat is an opportunity to heal and nourish our bodies – we are ultimately responsible for how we feel through what we consume (minds and bellies!) so choose carefully!!

No experiment too little or too large, imagination is unleashed and befriends intention, belief, mindfulness and action – to bring into existence the reality of a purposeful life.

Raw, uncensored and honest play.



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