From little things…

As part of manifesting my reality, after visualising maintaining a lush, thriving, biodynamic farm in Northern NSW we finally have a small plot in our community garden to grow our own plants!

This little 2×3 box nestled among 20 others in a quiet garden sanctuary in amongst the hustling inner-city of Sydney, is part of manifesting my dream of learning to grow biodynamic produce.

It might not be a little farm on volcanic soil perched on the top of a hill in the far north coast of NSW over looking the ocean (yet), but it’s a start!

Visual – a small biodynamic produce farm with cows and chickens, maintained by a close group of friends from which we share produce and create delicious wholesome foods for the community. It sits on a hill of volcanic earth, with forest to the west and ocean to the east 🐣🐄🌿🌳🌏🍉🥑

Observation – we are given the opportunity to maintain a small community garden plot where we can learn and appply biodynamic gardening principles and grow produce locally.

Action – revive and turnover old soil, read about biodynamic gardening practices (applicable to small space), order cow manure, share plot with friends.

Watch me (and our garden) grow!


One Comment Add yours

  1. carolee says:

    What a great start! You’ll gain a lot of knowledge and skills (and produce!) even on a small plot. Congrats!


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